Wicking Bed (Plain 1/2 Bin)


Wicking Bed Bin 

Full Wicking Bed system setup

4 layers of protection, capped (painted optional)


Wicking Bed 1/2 Bin

Wicking System: 

The advantages of Wicking beds over standard raised garden beds

  • They self water
  • Watering is from the bottom up so are water efficient
  • Excellent drainage in the event of heavy rain
  • You can place them anywhere
  • Your garden will thrive with less effort

We have been perfecting our full Wicking bed system in our whole and half bins over the past 2 years, wicking systems are becoming more popular every year but there are some costly pit falls if you are doing it DIY with water leaks being the main issue.(once this happens you just have a standard raised garden bed or you have to empty and start again)

You can purchase our systems with confidence, we have 4 layers of protection to ensure there are no issues with leaks and they are still working as intended for many seasons to come.

Whats included-

-Bin of your choice (whole, half, painted or claded)

– 4 layers of protection (internal hard lining, 2x waterproof membrane, heavy duty bin liner)

-Slotted watering pipe

-Geotextile fabric (used to separate scoria and soil)

Wicking Beds come in whole and 1/2 bins. Plain, Cladded or Painted


A bit about Plain Bins (Capped)

By Capping and lining a plain bin you are protecting and increasing the life of your Veggie Bin by many years, in fact this now our most popular Bin sold.

The capping protects and provides added stability to the Bin (and they look a lot more stylish) while the heavy duty liner is specifically designed to custom fit and are food grade quality.

These used apple crates are perfect to use as planter boxes for fruit trees or veggie gardens. Ideal for home or the work place , schools,kindergartens, cafe’s, retirement villages etc.  

Size: Length 1220 Depth 630 high 720

Want more protection or a different look? check out the painted version of this Apple bin





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